What is Red Kite By The Sea?

Red Kite By The Sea is a multi-sensory simulated adventure to the beach designed specifically for children affected by autism spectrum disorder. During this seaside journey you and your child will get to meet beautiful starfish and fuzzy sea lions, watch for whales and sing bonfire songs! Sensitive to the specific needs of the autism community, Red Kite By The Sea encourages participants to interact with the story, characters and atmosphere in their own unique way.

For what ages is Red Kite By The Sea appropriate?

Red Kite By The Sea is recommended for children ages 5 – 14. However, if you have questions about whether this experience would be developmentally appropriate for your child or student, please call us! We want to make each child feel successful during their time at Red Kite!

My child/student will want to run around during the adventure.
Will we be able to attend?

Yes, yes, yes! The Red Kite Project is designed specifically to allow each child to engage with the performers, sets and story in his or her own unique way. We understand the unique needs of children affected by autism spectrum disorder. So, at Red Kite By The Sea, it is appropriate to run, jump, laugh, talk, sing and touch! During the registration process, our concierge will ask for information about your child or student such as likes and dislikes, so we can be ready and able to make his or her adventure the best it can possibly be.

Can I stay with my child/student during the adventure?

Yes, you may! Each registered child is allowed to have one adult accompanying him or her, actively participating in the adventure. However, if you have more than one person who would also like to experience the adventure, we ask that he or she purchase an observer ticket and sit in our dedicated Observation Deck. In an effort to keep Red Kite By The Sea intimate and focused, we do limit the number of participants and observers at each adventure. 10 children, 10 adult participants and 10 observers are permitted at any given time. Tickets will go quickly, so reserve yours now!!

How much does it cost to attend Red Kite By The Sea?

Tickets to Red Kite are $10.00 per person for both families and school groups. If you have a demonstrable financial need and require a scholarship to attend, please call and speak to our dedicated concierge who can inform you of possible scholarship opportunities. Chicago Children’s Theatre can not provide scholarships for bussing to and from Millennium Park.

Where does Red Kite By The Sea take place?

Red Kite By The Sea will take place in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion Choral Rehearsal Room at Millennium Park. To find the entrance, approach the large Pavilion on the west side of the park and look for a door at the stage level. You will find yourself in a hallway. Follow this hallway to the multi-sensory lobby area. A concierge will guide you from there.

I need directions to Millennium Park.

No problem! These are straight from the Millennium Park website.

By Car:

From The North:

If traveling from the North on the Kennedy Expressway or Edens Expressway (Interstate 90/94), exit at Monroe Street and drive East to Michigan Avenue.

If driving on the Outer Drive (North Lake Shore Drive/Highway 41), exit at Randolph Street or Monroe Street and drive West to Michigan Avenue.

From The South:

If traveling from the South on the Dan Ryan Expressway (Interstates 90/94), exit at Congress Parkway and drive East to Michigan Avenue and then North to Monroe Street. If driving on Lake Shore Drive (Highway 41), exit at Randolph Street and drive West to Michigan Avenue.

From The East:

If traveling from the East on the Indiana Toll Road (Interstate 90), take the Chicago Skyway to the Stony Island exit, follow Highway 41 (Lake Shore Drive) to downtown Chicago, exit at Monroe Street and drive West to Michigan Avenue.

If coming in from the East on Interstate 90/94, continue on the Dan Ryan Expressway, exit at Congress Parkway, drive East to Michigan Avenue and then North to Monroe Street.

From The West:

If traveling from the West on the Eisenhower Expressway (Interstate 290), which becomes Congress Parkway, drive East to Michigan Avenue, and then turn North (left) to Monroe Street.

By Public Transportation:

Public transportation is one of the easiest and most economical ways to get around in Chicago. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) operates a network of buses and elevated/subway trains throughout Chicago. For directions to Millennium Park, call the Travel Information Center at 836.7000 (from any local area code) or visit www.rtachicago.com and complete a trip planner to find the quickest or most direct transit route to Millennium Park using CTA buses and trains. CTA train stations close to Millennium Park include the Red Line Lake or Monroe Street exit and the Brown/Green/Orange and Purple Line Madison/Wabash Street exit.

The CTA's Red Line subway station at Washington and State is closed. For Red Line access to Millennium Park, please use the Red Line stations at Monroe or Lake. Customers needing elevator access should use the Jackson Red Line subway station. For more information please visit www.rtachicago.com or call 836.7000 (from any local area code).

When traveling from the suburbs, Metra, the premier commuter rail system, makes traveling to and from downtown Chicago and its surrounding areas easy and convenient with four downtown stations. If arriving downtown via Union Station (Canal Street, between Adams and Jackson Boulevard), take CTA's #151 bus directly to Millennium Park. The Randolph Street Station exits directly on Michigan Avenue across from the park, the Ogilvie Transportation Center (Madison and Canal Streets) is quickly accessible to the park by CTA's #20 or #56 bus and the LaSalle Street Station (Congress and LaSalle Streets) is accessible to the park by CTA's #147 and #151 bus.

Motorcoach and School Bus drop off is along the park's north end on upper Randolph Street.

Where can I park?

The Millennium Park Garages are the most convenient option for parking. Underground parking is available directly beneath the park in four garages. Entrances to parking are located on Michigan Avenue, Monroe Street, Columbus Drive, and Lower Randolph Street. The cost is approximately $14.00.

What is a Social Story?

A Social Story is a preview of exactly what attending Red Kite By The Sea entails. It walks children through the experience of attending the show, from arriving at the location; to the people they will meet, to the adventure itself.

Who is the Social Story For?

We provide two different versions of the Social Story for Red Kite ByThe Sea. The first is for the parents, teachers and caretakers of the children who will be attending the show. This serves more as a guide for a prospective attendee, so that he or she may gauge the appropriateness of the experience for the child. It uses clear language to describe for the adult the atmosphere, the structure and timeline of Red Kite By The Sea, so he or she can get an idea of the experience as a whole and determine if Red Kite By The Sea is appropriate for their child or student group. The second version is for the child or children attending the Red Kite By The Sea adventure. This Social Story presents a child affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder with a clear schedule of events and a clear idea of what to expect upon arriving at the location. Using video clips, pictures and voiceovers, the children will meet all the characters guiding them on the adventure, get an overview of the plot and will clearly understand how to engage with their surroundings. This should be viewed approximately a day to one week before attending the adventure.

What form will I receive the Social Story in?

A prospective family can receive their social stories in one of four ways: an emailed PDF file that includes pictures and text, a mailed PDF file, an emailed Video file with video clips, pictures and voiceovers, or a mailed DVD. If a family would like more than one version sent to them, that is not a problem.

When will I receive my copies of the Social Story?

The Parent/Caretaker Social Story is available at any point during the process, from prior to registration up until the date of the adventure. The Child Social Story will be mailed or emailed approximately a week prior to a family or school’s scheduled adventure date, along with some reminder information and other instructional materials. We recommend limiting the viewing of the Social Story for your child to a few chosen times.

What can I expect when I arrive at the location?

Outside of the Choral Rehearsal Room, you and your child will be greeted by our staff to prepare your child for the adventure! Our dedicated concierge will be present to check you in and help you with anything you may need.

I am a teacher and I would like to attend Red Kite with my class.
Does each student need an aide?

It is up to each individual teacher to decide how his or her classroom would function best at Red Kite By The Sea. Each child may have his or her own aide or parent present – but we limit it to one participating adult per child. Additionally, if your class has more than ten children hoping to attend, our concierge will work with you to thoughtfully separate them into multiple performances.

Is the venue handicap accessible?

Yes, absolutely. Millennium Park is fully accessible to people with disabilities. If you are attending Red Kite Round Up and have any specific concerns, please voice them to our dedicated concierge. She can be reached at 773-227-0180 x 15.

Can I videotape or photograph the adventure?

We ask that no videography or photography take place during the adventure, but you can take photos before and after the adventure in the lobby.

Can I bring snacks?

No food or drink will be permitted in the Choral Rehearsal Room.